I miss my dog. Always happy to see me and always up for anything, whether it be going for a run, taking a nap, or just lounging around, my dog, Racy, is the best friend I’ve ever had. She’s a great listener, a source of comfort, and thinking about her never fails to make me smile. I miss her every day.

Racy lives in Minneapolis. My former husband and I adopted her from a shelter in 2009 when she was just a few months old. She is a black lab/pit-bull mix, and has the most loving disposition I have ever known. The end of my marriage fifteen months ago brought with it the tough decision about where Racy would live. I am fortunate enough still to be able to call my former husband one of my closest friends, which, in addition to being simply a true blessing, makes things a lot easier when it comes to our four-legged daughter. For many months following our divorce, Racy spent a few days each week with me, but when I moved to Des Moines last summer, I was sadly not able to bring her with me. I really do believe she is healthiest and happiest in her home in Minneapolis, where she has lots of love and plenty of space and a yard in which to play. Still, it broke my heart to leave my bestie behind.

Thankfully, Minneapolis is but a four hour drive from Des Moines, and I’m still able to see my pup from time to time. This weekend was one of those times, and I cherished every moment of being in her company. My former husband was kind enough to drive down here with her so that I could spend some time with her. I was worried that Racy would have forgotten me, as it had been about six weeks since I had last seen her, but she remembered me. She was as joyful and wiggly and cuddly as ever, her bright, inquisitive brown eyes baring her exuberant yet gentle little soul.

We went on a couple of runs together this weekend, with Racy pulling me behind her the whole way. Seeing how happy she was, running along and so curious about the world around her, made me incredibly nostalgic for all of the miles she has logged with me since I have known her. We’ve been through a lot together, Racy and I. In addition to running, we’ve gone on hikes, played in the snow, and swum together in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. Racy has celebrated some of my best moments with me and comforted me through some of my worst. I’ve held her when she’s been sick and consoled her when she’s been scared. Our love is unconditional, and I only hope she knows how much joy she brings me. Man’s best friend indeed, my Racy is also runner’s best friend. Miss you, sweet girl.

Thank you for reading!

Sweet Racy

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