Mayhem in Matamoros

It saddens me that Matamoros has such a harsh reputation for being a rough, violent city controlled by drug cartels. What we see on a daily basis is a working-class town filled with friendly, kind people who for the most part are trying to get by and raise their children.

In the last couple of days, we’ve been reminded of Matamoros’ tough reality, with an eruption of gun violence in different parts of the city. It began on Sunday morning and carried over into Monday, culminating in an advisory from the Mayor’s office for all Matamoros residents to stay in their homes unless it was absolutely necessary to go outside.

Things seem to have calmed down today; at least, we have not heard any further news or received any additional text messages notifying us of continuing security issues. However, the gun battles that took place resulted in at least thirteen deaths and made international news in several media outlets.

Below are some links to some of those articles for those who might be interested in reading more about what’s going on here.

Meanwhile, we are safe inside our concrete walled home. As our house the closest to the Consulate of all of the officers here, we have the benefit of having an armed federal police officer standing fewer than fifty meters of our home, 24 hours a day. We thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this time, but really, it’s the people of Matamoros who need those prayers. Too many innocent people have been killed and kidnapped during the last few years and it needs to stop.

Thank you for reading!

Links to news articles:

The Monitor (a McAllen, TX newspaper)

Huffington Post


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