November Rain

¿No tiene frío? asked the woman as she walked toward me.

¡No! Me gusta el tiempo, hace fresco! I replied as I ran by, wearing shorts and a long-sleeve shirt.

The woman was bundled up in her coat, hood pulled up, hands tucked tightly in her pockets.

It was 55 degrees.

If “April showers bring May flowers” in places with four seasons, then November Rain (besides being a great song that takes me back about twenty years) brings autumn in Matamoros. After several days of increasing humidity, it rained yesterday.

Normally, rain in Matamoros turns the entire city into a steam bath, but not yesterday. Following about an hour of torrential downpour and flooded streets, the temperature began to drop significantly. We awoke today to a crisp, breezy morning. The sun shone and the air was the freshest it’s been since I moved here nearly seven months ago. In most places, that’s called September. Here, it’s November. But it felt glorious.

When the woman asked me if I was cold, in truth, I was. But it felt so good that I wouldn’t dare consider complaining about it. It felt great to be cold from fresh air rather than constant air conditioning. Even Frieda had an extra spring in her step. We had a great run in the park- about four miles, and my first run in four days since becoming sick last weekend. I may have been a little overzealous in getting back into my routine, but no way was I going to waste this beautiful morning.

The temperature is expected to gradually increase over the next few days, so it looks like autumn might be a little short around here. At least until the next November Rain.

Thank you for reading!

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