Cliche though it may be, taking some time on December 31st to reflect on the year that has passed is inevitable, at least for me. Too often, I tend to focus on all of the things I didn’t accomplish, but this year has been a pretty good year for me when I think about it.

Here are some of the highlights:

– Training and bonding with our pup, Frieda
– Running with great friends in Des Moines
– Getting married to my wonderful M.
– Moving to Mexico
– Making new friends in Matamoros
– Sight-seeing in Guadalajara
– Running the Mexico City Marathon
– Returning to teaching with great group of kids
– Learning Spanish
– Spending time with family in Indiana, Arizona, and Washington
– Selling a house
– Seeing my sister engaged and the happiest she’s ever been
– Seeing my mom recover from a serious health issue
– Celebrating Christmas with family

When I look at this list, I realize in many ways that it’s actually been a great year, the best in a while. There were times when I wasn’t sure it would turn out this way, but M. reminded me to have some faith and stay positive. The old adage, “everything’s going to be OK,” though sometimes sounding like nothing more than words, came through.

As far as running goes, I finished the year with three pairs of shoes, a handful of races, and 893.2 documented miles (and about 1,100 actual miles by my best estimation, considering the months during which I was lazy about tracking miles). Not my highest mileage year, but I’ll take it. My knee has held up, and so have my spirits.

I just finished my last run of the year: a short one, just 2.3 miles on the dreadmill, thanks to dreary weather and not wanting to negotiate the water and mud-filled potholes outside. As much as I despise running inside, this little run wasn’t such a bad way to end the year, and made me ever more excited for everything that awaits in 2014. I’ve even got a brand new pair of running shoes waiting for their first spin outside tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year, and thank you for reading!

Holiday family

Our family holiday photo, with the Rio Grande River, which separates the US and Mexico, behind us.

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