La Ciudad de México – Distrito Federal

La Ciudad de México - Distrito FederalThe idea of a Mexican vacation, for most Americans, conjures images of palm trees, beachside margaritas, and sun soaked afternoons by the pool, typically in popular destinations like Cancún, Cozumel, Acapulco, and Puerto Vallarta. Often, cruises or all-inclusive resorts are part of the deal, with perhaps a visit or two into town to buy some crafts at a market or enjoy an authentic taco or michelada. And while there is a lot to be said about lying on the beach for three or four days without a care in the world, many of Mexico’s landlocked destinations are equally enjoyable and wildly underrated. We learned this instantly during our recent trip to Mexico City.

We had been to Mexico City (Distrito Federal to Mexicans, as the District of Columbia is to Washington) before, to run the marathon there last year, and M. had been one other time on business. However, running through the streets at nearly 8,000 feet and the accompanying altitude sickness that we experienced didn’t allow for much sightseeing. So, we decided to make one last trip to Mexico’s capital and dedicate our time to exploring the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that it has to offer.

Some of our family and friends reacted in surprise at our mention of going there, likely because Mexico City has an unfortunate reputation of being an overcrowded, polluted megalopolis in a country overtaken by organized crime. What we discovered during our visit couldn’t be more opposite. We spent four and a half glorious days soaking in Mexico’s rich culture, from its beautiful and friendly people and colorful, delicious food to its Spanish-influenced architecture and Aztec ruins, the whole time thinking what a shame it is that there aren’t more tourists.

If you have the chance to visit this treasure of a city, go. You won’t be sorry.

Below is a small sampling of the hundreds of photos that best capture our time there.

Thank you for reading!

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