Great American Road Trip – Day 5

Route: Salt Lake City, Utah to Walla Walla, Washington
Miles Driven: 592
Lodging: Home base!
Heard on the Radio: Summer of ‘69 (Bryan Adams); Running on Empty (Jackson Browne)
Best Eats: Idaho Joe’s (Twin Falls, Idaho) – The peach pie was great!
Miles Run: 3.5 (Salt Lake City)

Yesterday was the final day of part one of our month-long road trip. We arrived in Walla Walla, Washington – M.’s hometown – shortly after sunset and just in time for pizza with family we haven’t seen in a while. It was a long drive, but we managed to make it a little more interesting with a few stops along the way. We dipped our toes in the Great Salt Lake, drove through a thunderstorm and saw the Shoshone Falls in Idaho, stopped for some Dairy Queen in Baker City, Oregon, and sang along with the radio as we entered Washington and made the final stretch home.

Shoshone Falls

At Shoshone Falls, Idaho.

In our five days on the road since leaving Matamoros last Friday, we covered 2,269 miles in our car, and 14.7 in our running shoes. We drove through seven states, which included deserts, prairies, farm land, small towns, big cities, forests, national parks, and Indian reservations… some of the most diverse land our beautiful country has to offer. The one constant that we noticed, the thing that never, ever changed, from the very southern tip of Texas all the way up to Washington, was the presence of a Mexican restaurant in each and every town- large or small- through which we passed. And though we didn’t stop at any of them and some looked more inviting than others, it was comforting to know that a little piece of Mexico is never that far away.

Below are some photos from yesterday’s adventures. We will spend the next two weeks in Walla Walla, with a side trip to Seattle, relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. Then we will hit the road once again for our journey from Washington to Washington, as we make our way to the East Coast, with a stop in Las Vegas for what is sure to be the wedding of the year (my sister’s).

Thank you for reading!

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