Missing Mexico

Barely 24 hours after I posted my goals for the New Year, which included staying healthy and flu-free, I found myself feeling achy, sniffly, and exhausted. For two days, I thought I could stay ahead of it and possibly beat it, but alas… tonight, my nose is raw and my ears congested. I am sick.

It snowed here yesterday, and the temperature dropped rapidly as the wind picked up. Compared to some parts of the country, at 21 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s balmy; however, for northern Virginia, it’s frigid. I have not left our apartment all day, choosing instead to read, rest, and write.

It’s the time of year when escaping to a warm, sunny place sounds like a good idea. I thought back to our travels in Mexico, limited though they were, but fascinating and adventurous all the same. Oh, how I miss Mexico on days like today. I’d love to be relaxing on a beach in Tulum right about now, with a margarita instead of a runny nose and headache.

If you, too, are dreaming of Mexico, or better still, planning a trip there, visit my Mexico travel page for highlights and suggestions on places to go, things to see, food to eat, and of course, trails to run.

Tulum's gorgeous beach.

Oh, the memories! The crystal clear waters and pristine sand of Tulum are a perfect January getaway. Photo credit: M.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you are staying healthy!

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