A Fresh Take on Thursday Night Pizza

IMG_5505Thursday Night Pizza became a tradition for M. and me during our first foreign service tour in Matamoros, Mexico. Since our movement within the city was quite restricted due to security concerns, we spent a lot of time at home and tried to come up with some creative ways to make our weeks and our meals more fun. In addition to our nearly weekly visits to our favorite little restaurant in Matamoros, Las Parrillitas, we came up with Thursday Night Pizza, as pizza is a favorite of both of ours.

It wasn’t until our tour was nearly over that we discovered a great pizza place in Matamoros, and though it was outside of the zone deemed “safe” by our regional security officer, we were able to get special permission to go there a couple of times. Homemade pizza also made its appearance on our dinner table a few times, as I experimented with caramelized onions and feta cheese. And, admittedly, sometimes our pizza came from Little Caesar’s. What can I say? It was cheap, easy to get, and within our “safe” zone. And yes, it tasted better than I ever wanted to admit. We at least tired to balance out the junkiness of our choice with a fresh homemade salad.

Now that we’ve been back in the United States for a while, we have continued our Thursday Night Pizza tradition most weeks with pizza from a local place near our apartment. Recently, though, I came across a new take on pizza, using fresh, unprocessed ingredients and a flattened chicken breast in place of the pizza the crust. Chef Rachael Ray introduced it on her show one morning, and I followed along with great interest. Say what you might about Rachael Ray (for some reason she seems to polarize people), but the woman knows how to put a great meal together very quickly, and there’s nothing bad about that.

Dinner is served! Fresh chicken pizza and salad.

We gave this recipe a try last week for Thursday Night Pizza, and it was fabulous. With only fresh, whole foods, it is a delicious and nutritious addition to my repertoire and is easy to put together. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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