The Best Veggie Burger You’ll Ever Eat

IMG_2677Even before I made the transition to a plant-based diet, I was never a huge fan of burgers. I found them heavy and messy, and they often left me feeling much too full and bloated. As I’ve begun to experiment with new recipes, I’ve discovered a few gems along the way, and this lentil-mushroom burger is one of them. 


The recipe easily makes at least one dozen burgers, which can be frozen for a later time.

Published in his book Eat and Run, the recipe comes from ultrarunning champion Scott Jurek and makes by far the best veggie burger (and in my case, best burger) I have ever eaten. Packed with lentils, fresh vegetables, protein, fiber, and a lot of other great nutrients that runners need, this burger is perfect as a meal or by itself as a long run snack. Although it is time-consuming, the effort is worth every last minute.

Get the recipe!


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