Daytime Date in Denmark

IMG_7455In our effort to maximize our remaining time living in northern Europe, we have tried to take little trips here and there to see a few more places before we move back to the U.S. for a while. At the end of May, we took advantage of an inexpensive flight to travel to Copenhagen for the day. At just under an hour, the flight was smooth and easy, and best of all, as we were traveling only for the day, we didn’t have to deal with any bags. Our little daytime date turned out to be one of the most fun days we’ve ever spent together. We discovered that Copenhagen, even on a chilly, cloudy day in May, is a gem of a city!

Upon arriving, we hopped on the subway and traveled about 20 minutes from the airport to the city center (Nørreport station). It was just about lunch time, so our first agenda item was to find a great place to eat. It didn’t take long.


Kalaset is a cozy little underground restaurant with a fantastic vegan brunch option and friendly service.


Peering out the window from our table at Kalaset.


Kalaset’s vegan brunch features falafel, lentil salad, roasted potatoes, hummus, green olive tapenade, sliced avocado, fresh fruit, homemade bread, and a berry smoothie. Yum!

After brunch/lunch, we wandered through Copenhagen’s old city, which was bustling with people, yet still felt uncrowded.


One of Copenhagen’s many pedestrian-only plazas.


Local strawberries for sale.

We stumbled upon the Rundetårn (Rundetaarn, meaning “Round Tower”), which was originally built in as an astronomical observatory in the 17th century by King Christian IV. Open to tourists daily, the tower features a winding ramp rather than stairs (until the last bit at the top, where there is a narrow staircase), making it relatively easy to reach the top and take in panoramic views of the city.


The Rundetårn stands tall in the center of Copenhagen. There are different levels inside the tower, which house various exhibitions and a gift shop.


Copenhagen panorama.


Selfie at the top of the Rundetårn.

While we had read about Copenhagen’s bike culture, we still weren’t prepared for the huge number of people traveling everywhere throughout the city by bike. It was quite a sight, unlike any place we’d ever been.


In a city where bikes outnumber cars and people, and nearly half of the population commutes to work by bicycle, there are bike racks everywhere, and they were always overflowing.


So many bikes!

After a bit of walking, we decided to take a little break and see more of the city by boat. A bit cliche and touristy, perhaps, but fun nonetheless.


Our boat trip was filled with sights of pretty buildings – apartments and businesses – lining the river and canal, with boats docked along the way.


The most interesting sight during our boat ride was this: Copenhagen’s famous trash incinerator, which turns garbage into enough energy to heat 160,000 households and provide electricity for 62,500. In fact, the city of Copenhagen has had to import trash from neighboring countries to continue to create energy. And best of all: at the top of this high-tech building is a ski slope with three levels of difficulty! At 280 meters, it is the highest point in Copenhagen.

We followed our boat ride with a stroll through Nyhavn, famous for its multi-colored building facades, restaurants, cafes, and boats. Indeed, wandering along the canal through this part of town was one of the highlights of our day.


Colorful Nyhavn.


Selfie in Nyhavn.


Nyhavn’s buildings brighten up a cloudy day.

Walking through Nyhavn also brought us to our next dining destination, at Copenhagen Street Food. We had read about it in advance, and were attracted to its design of multiple vendors and cuisines all under one roof.


Near the entrance to Copenhagen Street Food.


Finding excellent vegan food in Copenhagen was easy, and Copenhagen Street Food offered a few different options. Our first taste was at La Tienda, featuring veganized Colombian delicacies. We shared a quinoa burger and fried plantains.


Next, we enjoyed some falafel and tahini, always a good veggie choice. While it didn’t quite compare to the falafel we’d had earlier in the month in Tel Aviv, it was still delicious.

We left Copenhagen Street Food with just enough time to stop in Nyhavn once more on our way back to the subway, where we had a drink and did some people watching.


This image pretty well sums up the vibe of our daytime date: cozy and simple.

Our flight back to Riga couldn’t have been any easier or more comfortable. With only 13 passengers aboard, including the two of us, it was peaceful and quiet as we jetted across the sky over the 10:00 pm sunset. It was the perfect end to a pretty perfect day.


Sunset from 30,000 feet.

Thank you for reading!

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