A Run through the Woods: Cesis ECO Trail 81K

IMG_4613If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.

This quote, from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., became my mantra yesterday as I navigated my way through Latvia’s beautiful Gauja National Park at the Cēsis ECO Trail 81K race. And though I could never fly, I ran as fast I could when I could and walked when I needed to. And, at times, I even crawled, just to keep moving forward to the finish line.  Continue reading →

Mind Over Matter: The JFK 50

Finisher goodiesAmerica’s Oldest 50 Mile Foot Race, better known as the John F. Kennedy 50 Mile Run, is officially in the books, and I couldn’t be happier this morning to have had such an incredible experience.

You learn a lot about yourself over the course of a 50 mile run… what your body needs to endure, how much (or how little) you are truly prepared, how to continue running through fatigue and pain, and most of all, why you continue to run through fatigue and pain, even when another step feels nearly impossible. Continue reading →

Steamtown: The Best Midsize Marathon You’ll Ever Run

Finish lineThere are rare times in life when we plan and prepare and everything falls into place, just as we imagined. Then there are times when everything falls apart, no matter how much we have planned, often for reasons unexpected or beyond our control. And then still, there are times when we are our own adversary, allowing negative self-talk to get in the way of our success.

In running, I have experienced all three of the above over the years, and perhaps most frequently, the third scenario. Indeed, too often, I am my own worst enemy. This time, I wanted things to be different. I didn’t allow myself to sabotage my own race. I wanted to have a beautiful day, and that is exactly what happened. Continue reading →