One-Woman Marathon

IMG_4131Some days are diamonds…. Some days are rocks.  – Tom Petty

I ran a marathon today. With no spectators, mile markers, or bands along the course, it wasn’t a typical marathon. Just me, my race pack, a few good snacks, and some tunes for 26.3 miles (an extra tenth of a mile for good measure). It was a one-woman marathon, and the farthest I have ever run on my own and not as part of a race.  Continue reading →

The Steepest Hill in Riga

IMG_1245In my experience, most runners have a love-hate relationship with hill running. A necessary part of any solid training regimen, it is tough and gritty, often leaving us gasping for air. But, as with most things in life, the more we do it, the easier it becomes, building strength, power, and confidence in a way that few other workouts can. Ask any runner and he or she will be sure to regale you with mighty tales of hill conquering following hours of intense training, sweat, and yes, possibly even tears. And probably some vomit, too.  Continue reading →

Running in Riga

IMG_0133Naturally, one of my first orders of business upon arriving in Latvia was to figure out where I can run. To my delight, there is no shortage of running paths in Riga, and even more exciting is that Riga has quite a large running community. I had been a bit worried that a woman running, often alone, and sometimes with a dog, might be a strange sight here, but it is not. I am surrounded by runners everywhere I go, and M. and I have already found quite a few trails during our first week here. They have provided the perfect avenue (literally!) for exploring the city on foot. Continue reading →

Time on Feet

time on feetThe last couple of months have been a struggle for me when it comes to running. I’ve been working through a chronic knee injury that has recently flared up in a bad way. I’ve been able to run very intermittently and at times, not at all. When I first felt the discomfort that has become all too familiar over the years, I immediately sought physical therapy in an effort to address the problem as soon as possible and still (hopefully) get myself in shape for a spring marathon. I also decided to shift my training … Continue reading →

A Forced Break

photo 1-3This afternoon, I find myself yet again sitting on the couch with my left leg wrapped in ice and elevated on a pillow, as I stare out the window at the blue sky wondering when I can run again. Ask any runner, and she will tell you: a forced break from training is always unwelcome. As runners, we like to decide when we take breaks and when we don’t; having hurt body parts decide for us is never part of the plan. But unfortunately, it does happen, and now, it has happened to me. It’s not the first time, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Still, it is frustrating and not running is not something I do well. Continue reading →