The Austin Marathon: Challenging and Hilly

I’ve never had a baby or even been pregnant, but based on anecdotes from my friends and relatives who have had babies in recent years, pregnancy and childbirth seem at least a little bit analogous to training for and running a marathon. There’s the initial stage of joy upon signing up for the race and sharing the news with family and friends, followed by months of preparation filled with excitement, anxiety, discomfort, and doubt, culminating in a day’s worth of labor and physical challenge, at the end of which a shiny new medal hangs from your neck. Continue reading →

Trust the Training

With four days to go until the Austin Marathon, I am feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. The weather is looking great, I get to spend quality time with dear friends, and there will be good old fashioned Texas barbecue to look forward to after the race on Sunday night.

I finished my last interval workout this morning: 4 x 400m at 6:40-ish mile pace on the cinder track in the local park here in Matamoros. It was cold and rainy with 25 mile-per-hour winds. I didn’t exactly …Continue reading →

Pre-Race Jitters

With only twenty-one days remaining until I toe the starting line at next month’s Austin Marathon, I am finishing up my training cycle, getting ready to start my taper, and feeling the usual pre-race jitters starting to creep their way in. I’ve had a great training cycle overall, thanks in large part to much cooler temperatures than we had last summer. I’ve also made a concrete effort to include a proper warm-up and cool-down with every run, and have added some much needed speed workouts. Continue reading →