Back in the USA

IMG_7932It’s been a little more than two weeks since we arrived back in the USA. We have spent the time reconnecting with family and friends, relaxing in nature, and trying to readjust to all of the little things that make the United States unique. The reality that we aren’t simply on vacation, soon to return to our home in Latvia, is starting to set in… not necessarily in a bad way; rather, in a time-to-move-on kind of way. We’ve recovered from our jetlag, and hearing English spoken all around us has started to feel familiar once again.  Continue reading →

Giving Thanks

My husband often asks me why I never pursued journalism professionally. I had thought about it at one point: a career as a reporter, investigating the lives of others and writing stories about people and their lives. Whenever I mentioned it, my mom often reminded me of how tough life might be financially if I became a journalist. So, I earned by degree in German language and European history instead. Because those are both such lucrative fields, of course. Continue reading →


Today we finally tried the camarones.Camarones 2

Our friends invited M. and me to try one of their favorite spots in Matamoros. They had told us about it a while ago, and today is the day we made it over there. It’s a little white wooden hut at the corner of Calle Cuarto and Zaragoza in downtown Matamoros, owned and operated by an elderly man with kind eyes and a great smile who makes a mean camarones (shrimp) cocktail.

He fills a jumbo-sized margarita glass with fresh shrimp harvested from the Gulf of Mexico, which he keeps in a cooler under the roof of the hut. He adds freshly squeezed lime juice, chopped cilantro, minced jalapeños, avocados, and diced onions …Continue reading →