Shark Tank

Once upon a time, not long ago, I routinely spent my Friday evenings cozied up on my couch, sharing a bowl of popcorn with my sweet pup and watching ABC’s Shark Tank. Have you seen it? Might seem like a sad way to spend a Friday evening, but when you live alone and feel like watching TV on a Friday night and don’t have cable, it doesn’t get much better than Shark Tank. If you’ve never watched it before, the premise of the show is that entrepreneurs with promising products or inventions present their ideas before a panel of …Continue reading →

Never Again

Ironically, I started writing this post immediately after finishing the last of our 22 miles last Saturday, but was not able to finish it as a result of heat exhaustion and the vomiting and chills that go with it. I had to call it a day and finish writing the post later.

Some things are learned the hard way.

I’m not sure which is less appealing: a 20 mile run, run at one time with little shade as the sun rises and the temperature rapidly approaches and eventually reaches 100 degrees; or a 22 mile run, split into two horribly hot runs with about nine hours of lounging in the air conditioning in between. Either way, we opted for the latter this morning because our plans for the former were foiled. Continue reading →


Is it possible to train for a twelve-hour run in three months? Is running the Grand Canyon rim to rim (to rim?) still a feasible goal this year? I’m about to find out.

It occurred to me today that I haven’t run in nearly six weeks. The last time I took that long of a hiatus was following my knee surgery in 2007. I worried then about the very real and heartbreaking possibility that I would never be able to run again. This time, my forced hiatus was due to what turned out to be an upper respiratory viral infection that took nine full weeks to run its course. It ended up getting worse before it got better, even after I thought I was on the mend. Worried about setting the stage for a self-imposed jinx, I became increasingly reluctant to declare to those who asked that I was feeling better, even if I was. Today, however, I can say with confidence that coughing no longer keeps me up at night, that …Continue reading →


It began on December 24th. I had just arrived in Matamoros, Mexico the day before, to spend the Christmas and New Year holidays with my love. I woke up Christmas Eve morning with a dry tickle at the base of my throat, just annoying enough to cause me to cough every couple of hours. With no other symptoms, I didn’t think much of it. I hadn’t been sick in nearly two years and after all, I had gotten my flu shot back in October. Isn’t that supposed to make you invincible?

It was warm and humid in Matamoros – a nice break from the dry cold of Iowa, and I was looking forward to getting some good runs in. Little did I know what that dry tickle would become… and that I would be writing about it nearly a full month later, pausing in my typing to cough and steady my breathing. Continue reading →