Goodbye, Latvia

IMG_7906It’s a strange feeling, watching all of your earthly possessions disappear from plain sight as they are wrapped in paper and placed in boxes and sealed with multiple strips of thick packing tape, the bulk of which will not be seen again for the next year and a half. When they do make their next appearance, it will be in a land far away, a place completely unknown to me, but their job will be the same as always: to make the unknown feel familiar, to make a house or an apartment a home. Continue reading →

Life at the Radisson

IMG_0600_2I am a homebody. I always have been, and I always will be. I like to sit on the couch and read. I like to cook and bake in the kitchen. I like to sew while listening to music. If given the option to go out with friends or have them over and cook for them, I will almost always choose the latter. And though it’s true that I love to run outside for hours at a time and travel to places near and far, I always look forward to the moment when I can come back home… home to my family, my space, and the possessions I have moved from house to house over the last decades which still, when configured just the right way, can make any space feel like home. After living in a hotel for the last four weeks, the idea of soon having a home again is so exciting I can barely stand it. Continue reading →

Five Lessons from a Serial Mover

IMG_0025Moving frequently has taught me a lot over the years. From efficient packing methods and letting go of possessions to settling accounts associated with the soon-to-be old address, I have learned something from each move I have made in my life. Some lessons have been more profound than others, and some have come at a higher cost than others, but each has been valuable and has prepared me for the next …Continue reading →

The End of an Era

IMG_5751Foreign service life is never dull. It’s often a life of excitement and of adventure, and sometimes of frustration and discomfort. With its constant motion and transition, it’s never boring. Indeed, foreign service life is one of perpetual change. One might think that with more frequent change comes a greater tolerance for it, and to some extent, I have found this to be true. Continue reading →

The Concrete Jungle

IMG_3016I’m not sure which is more strange: returning to a place that was once home and hardly recognizing it, or returning to a place that was once home and seeing the things that appear to be just as you left them six years ago.

It’s been just over a week since we arrived in Arlington, Virginia, the final destination of our month-long Great American Road Trip, and our home for the next eight months. We have gotten settled in our apartment, scoped out the plentiful assortment of restaurants, cafes, shops, and parks within walking distance, and taken Frieda to a couple of dog parks in the area to stretch her legs and sprint out some energy. It’s not easy for a pup to live in an apartment on the twenty-first floor of a high rise, after all. Continue reading →