New Year, Better Me

IMG_5280Standing in line at the grocery store checkout, I often peruse the magazine rack, mostly for fodder to contribute to conversations about celebrity gossip. I also look at the lifestyle magazines, in search of new recipes or fun-looking craft projects. At the end of the year, when the magazines put out their January issues, I can’t help but notice the frequency with which the words New Year, New You! are splashed across the covers, complete with flawless-looking models with perfect clothes and promises of weight-loss and money-saving secrets within the pages that follow. Even Runner’s World jumped on the New Year, New You bandwagon this time, punctuated with an exclamation mark to get us all excited. Continue Reading →

Musings of 2014

Shoes 2014I’ve always thought that you can learn a lot about someone by looking at their shoes, and that there’s a good story in every pair of running shoes: dirt that shows where we’ve been; a wear pattern that shows how we run, and often, where we hurt; and a smell that shows how hard we’ve worked. When I look at my running shoes from 2014, I see a lot: dust from Mexican trails, tears on the sides from bunions that insist on poking through, a tread worn from miles and miles run in thirteen states and two countries over the past twelve months. And the smell… well, I will spare you that. I like to think that my running shoes tell a story of joy, contemplation, adventure, determination, and hard work.  Continue reading →


I’m not quite sure what it is about the beginning of a new calendar year that makes people want to overhaul their lives. Why not do this on our birthdays, when we really are beginning a new year of our lives? Is it the idea that we all sort of start the new year together with a blank slate, ready to fill with new experiences and memories? Or perhaps it is the feeling that it’s easier to measure our accomplishments (and failures) in a calendar year and gives us a little something extra to do and …Continue reading →


Chocolate cupcakeNew Year’s Eve has never been my favorite holiday. I’m not sure why… perhaps because January ranks dead last in my hierarchy of favorite months and its imminent arrival is now only a day away. Or, perhaps it is because New Year’s Eve marks the end of my favorite time of year. For some reason, it’s just not a day that I’ve ever really enjoyed, and let’s face it: I’m an early-to-bed, early-to-rise type, and staying up until midnight has never been my strong suit. Never mind the unavoidable debauchery that is likely to leave you wearing someone else’s drink if you attempt to venture out to into the public. Continue reading →