Great American Road Trip – Day 1

Route: Matamoros, Mexico to Abilene, Texas
Miles Covered: 537
Lodging: Candlewood Suites, Abilene, Texas
Best Eats: The Dodging Duck Brewhaus, Boerne, Texas
Heard on the Radio: Little Jeannie (Elton John)

We began our day before dawn, scrambling to pack, recycle, or donate our last few odds and ends in the house. Although we were running a little behind schedule, we left Matamoros at 9:00 am …Continue reading →

Hunger and Obesity in the Rio Grande Valley

It seems impossible: to be hungry and obese at the same time. How can that be?

M. came across a fascinating article in The Washington Post this morning discussing exactly this paradox, and how it is a growing problem in deep South Texas, just across the river from where we live.

In a recent report on poverty in the United States, Brownsville and McAllen, both in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), Texas, were ranked …Continue reading →

Harlingen Halloween

The first of the month is always a new beginning of sorts – a way we can start something fresh with renewed energy, sort of like a Monday. Inspired by my good friend Nicole who has a great blog, I’ve decided to try to write a post a day for the next thirty days. I haven’t felt much motivation to write lately, yet I feel that good things await in November. So, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to get back some of my writing mojo back. Continue reading →

Is it Fall Yet?

Boca Chica BeachThere’s Chex mix in the oven. Not from a package, and not from the microwave. Real, original-recipe, homemade Chex mix, toasted with melted butter and Worcestershire sauce, filling the house with the smell of autumn.

A step outside is a harsh reminder that autumn may not exist in Matamoros, with the sun beating its rays to the tune of 95 degrees. Still, I made the Chex mix… if nothing else than to fool myself into thinking that between that and the bowl of candy corn on our kitchen counter, I can create October in our house. Continue reading →